Brief History of Company

Aktif Constructing has made its first progress in constructing sector as an individual company with the perfection of Professional Civil Engineer Ünlü Doğan. As time passes,the company had raced against itself in substructure and superstructure constructing sector with the perfect knowledge,experience and good work relationships and in year 1999 it was founded legally as Aktif Constructing ,Investment and Commerce C.C.

Beside proud of countless completed project in Turkey,also today the company move with the same haste continue versatile projects including Industrial Facilities,Substructure, Railway,Highway,Viaduct,Tunnel and Subway Stations.

Progressing with the principle perceptiveness of “Good Quality and In Time ” under its contract, our company takes place in constructing sector among top companies.

Parallel to the today’s technological momentum, Aktif Constructing without concession of its high in quality service intellect monopolize the features of preference reason in big projects,procuring finance,reliable and respected company.

Vision & Mission

While appropriating the scope of reliable high-quality and innovator “International Company” as a vision,Aktif Constructing Investment and Commerce C.C intends leaving a mark with having technological constructing techniques of contractorness,engineering,building and project management in Turkey and around the World,and contract serving in the act of integrating 21st century innovations into sectoral development.

In addition to its environmental conscious ,the company has designated subject of ensuring workman’s health and safety without exception,improvement of workplace conditions with progressive steps and attaining succesful outcomes through developing pro-active humon resources politics as its mission.

Ongoing Projects...


 With full effort, Aktif Constructing continue the construction of asphalt procuring and spreading of the Anatolia Side 3rd part,asphalt procuring for Şile Factory and Metro Station Construction of İkitelli South Industry...